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Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Law in Charlotte, NC

It’s exciting to purchase and even sell a home. However, it is also a big decision, as well as a huge investment. For the most part, the closing process goes smoothly. After signing all of the contracts, you are ready to move in or move out. Occasionally, problems arise before, during, or after the real estate purchase agreement. That’s where we come in. At The Wood Law Firm, P.A., we specialize in all the legal aspects related to real estate.

Trust our highly experienced attorneys for residential real estate law in Charlotte, NC. When complicated legal issues arise, your real estate agent may not have the right answers. Allow us to explain everything to you and determine your options. Our goal is to ensure you have a successful real estate transaction. Some of the real estate services we perform include:

Drafting & Reviewing Real Estate Contracts
Searching & Reviewing Titles
Certifying Titles
Updating & Recording Titles
Obtaining Title Insurance Commitments & Policies
Ordering & Reviewing Surveys
Coordinating with Lenders
Working with Real Estate Agents
Performing Closings
Disbursing Funds
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